Private Lessons

Performing Private Lessons

Solo, Duet, & Trio performing private lessons are available to students who are enrolled in our Core Dance Program.


Any MWDR student applying for a private lesson must be currently enrolled in the subject that they are applying for, as well as at least 1 weekly ballet class. 

Decisions for those performing are based on the ability, effort and attitude of each individual student applying for the featured role and their progress in regular weekly classes, including their ballet classes. 

All performing private lessons need permission of the director before participating in any performances or competitive events outside of MWDR. This includes Pageants, Competitions, Talent Shows, etc. 

Performing Private Lesson dancers will be monitored closely in their classes, if a dancer seems to be falling behind in their class work, not keeping up with their original dance schedule or not showing the work ethic expected to be a featured dancer, they will be at risk of losing their private lesson or being placed on probation.   

Dancers must be at least 7 years of age to apply. Applications are due by Dec 1

Non-performing private lessons are available for dancers who want to improve on their technique and skills.  

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