Core Dance Program

Classes in our core dance program are for ages 7 & older. 

Each class will perform a piece in our Spring Recital.

Positions, technique, musicality, strength and flexibility will be explored through exercises to develop dancers  poise, grace and confidence. Ballet is the foundation for all forms of dance and is highly recommended for all dancers no matter what their favorite style is. Dress Code 

Style and technique are emphasized in our Jazz curriculum. Classes work on turns, leaps, flexibility, strength and style while learning upbeat choreography to a variety of music styles.  Jazz is a wonderful confidence building class for beginner or advanced dancers and is often used in musical theater dance and dance teams. Dress Code

Tap teaches the most important quality of a dancer, musicality and rhythm. Tap dance helps to increase musicality, agility, strength, and confidence all while making rhythms with your feet.  Tap is highly recommended to all dancers.  Dress Code 


This class is based in modern dance techniques with a bit of inspiration from jazz and ballet.  This style blends expression with technique and artistry.  Dancers must be enrolled in a ballet or jazz class to take contemporary.  Dress Code

Core Dance Program Benefits

Participation in our Nutcracker Performance in December

Ability to apply for a performing solo, duet or trio in our Spring Recital

Professional Spring Recital with quality choreography and staging

A quality diverse dance education if you take advantage of learning several styles

Discounts on several of our camps and special events