• All studio communication is done through email, facebook posts, instagram, and this website.
  • All communication will be done during regular business hours. 
  • Please use the studio email midwestdancerevolution@gmail.com to reach us
  • Opt into text messages by texting - 336-565-7141 with the code "4j+"
  • Studio Phone Number is 417-494-5012 (calls will be returned M-Th between 4:30pm-8:00pm)

Website and Parent Portal

Our website is updated often and should answer most of your questions about studio functions. 

To use the Parent Portal:  

1. Go to www.midwestdancerevolution.com 

2. Click the parent portal  

3. Enter the email address linked to your account and click forgot password to create a new account.


  • NO refunds for missed classes and NO refunds for dropping a class mid-season. 
  • Make-up classes may be available, but are NOT guaranteed for every class. 
  • Please inform us if you will be missing class by calling or emailing us
  • Core Program Dancers who miss more than 2 weeks will be required to have a private lesson to catch up. 

Drop Off—Pick Up

  • Dancers who arrive more than 10 minutes late will sit out and watch for the day for safety reasons.
  • Dancers under the age of 7 must be accompanied by an adult while waiting for classes to begin.
  • Dancers are not allowed to leave the building without an adult.

Snow Days / In-climate Weather

  • We follow the Nixa School District (If they are closed so are we). 
  • We will notify you with an email and text message (you must opt into text messages to receive them). 
  • Each class is allowed one snow day per season without a scheduled make-up.  
  • If a class misses more than one day due to inclement weather, a scheduled makeup or replacement class will be offered.

Payment Types

  • Cash
  • Check ($25 Bounced Check fee.  After two bounced checks accounts must be paid in cash or with credit card.)
  • Credit / Debit Cards are accepted (There is a 4% Convenience fee to use a credit or debit card)

*Please note that classes may be cancelled or changed at anytime.  A new class must have 6 enrolled dancers to run.  If you register for a class that doesn't run, you will be given an option to switch classes or choose credit to use towards any other camps, workshops or tuition.  The credit will be valid for one year. 

Code of conduct


  • No gum, food or drinks allowed in the studio. Only water will be permitted.
  • Shoes should be carried in a dance bag and never worn outside. (including sneakers for hip hop)
  • Show up clean and neat, wearing the appropriate dress code
  • Cell phones will not be permitted in our classrooms (Students with phones need to leave them in the phone jail during class times)
  • Wear deodorant and shower daily.
  • Take off all jewelry before class.
  • Go to the bathroom before class begins.
  • Speak respectfully to all teachers, parents and other dancers in the building and on social media.
  • Do not miss class except for valid reasons. (Valid reasons: sickness, death in the family, school function for a grade)
  • If something important comes up, please talk to us so we can try and make it work.
  • Remember you have made a commitment to your class and they are counting on you to be part of the team.
  • Dancers should practice at home and work together with fellow students to catch up on material before classes begin. 

Code of conduct


  • Read all emails and handouts to make sure your dancer is at all correct rehearsals, performances and classes. 
  • Have your dancer dressed in the proper dress code with hair done before their classes begin.
  • Drop dancers off no earlier that 10 minutes before their scheduled class time and pick them up on time.  
  • Show up ON TIME, students who are dropped off more than 10 minutes late will be asked to sit and watch. (if you know in advance you will be late, please contact the studio and we can plan accordingly)
  • Parents/Guardians are NOT allowed into the dance studio during  classes. 
  • Always be encouraging to your dancer. Understand that everyone develops at a different speed.
  • Be respectful of the decisions from the artistic director and faculty at MWDR. If you have a problem or concern, we encourage you to set up a meeting to discuss the issue promptly with us.
  • Tuition/Costume Fees/Recital Fees are the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian. Failure to keep your tuition current will result in your dancer being  pulled from classes or performances. Please see the tuition rules and regulations for more information.
  • Always stay positive and encourage your dancer to try their best and to have fun while learning how to dance!